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Student Services

Islander Transition Center

A variety of departments and services are available to assist you with both academic and personal affairs as you pursue a higher education at the Island University.

Center for Academic Student Achievement (CASA)
Phone: 361.825.5933
Web site:
The nationally-recognized Center for Academic Student Achievement offers free peer tutoring on a walk-in basis to current students, and assists students with questions and difficulties in a wide variety of different courses and subject matters. CASA also offers assistance to TSI-liable and at-risk students, and houses a computer lab with print stations and scanners.

Career Services
Phone: 361.825.2628
Web site:
Career Services provides employment services such as professional resume development, opportunities to participate in on-campus interviews, workshops to develop job search skills, chances to meet and network with professionals in a particular field of study, job and career fairs, one-on-one career counseling, and an online database of job openings.

University Counseling Center
Phone: 361.825.2703
Web site:
The Counseling Center provides free and confidential mental health services to currently enrolled students. Their services include personal skills training, short-term counseling services, alcohol and other drug treatment and education, crisis and consultative sessions, psychological screenings and assessment, online mental health screenings, outreach services focused on student mental health issues, educational materials about mental health issues, referrals to community providers and services, and consultation with faculty, staff, and students regarding student issues.

University Health Center
Phone: 361.825.2601
Web site:
The University Health Center assists students in maintaining optimal health while in attendance at the University. Services provided include gynecological services, and men and women's health clinic, administration of allergy shots (student provides serum from allergist), laboratory testing, pharmacy services with a limited formulary, preventive health care and medical resource information, referrals for community resources, blood pressure screening and monitoring, contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV testing and counseling, physicals, vision and hearing screening, substance abuse prevention, assessment and referral, iImmunizations and tuberculin skin testing, educational consultations: nutrition, lifestyle, weight management, smoking cessation and substance abuse, and insurance and claim assistance.

Islander Transition Center
Phone: 361.825.5931
Web site:
The Islander Transition Center at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi serves undergraduate students in their transition to the University, and offers services specifically catered to prospective transfer students and current Texas A&M-Corpus Christi students who have not declared an academic major. Staff work to assist students in addressing their questions and concerns regarding admission processes and transfer coursework, as well as provide academic guidance for students who remain undecided in their field of study.

Academic Colleges
College of Business - 361.825.2653
College of Education - 361.825.2662
College of Liberal Arts - 361.825.2651
College of Nursing and Health Sciences - 361.825.2648
College of Science and Engineering - 361.825.3928
Academic advising centers are housed in each college and staffed by full-time academic advisors. Undeclared or exploratory students are advised through the Islander Transition Center (ITC). These advisors are available to assist students with their educational plans, course selections, degree requirements, and other academic matters. Academic advisors support students from the time of their initial enrollment to the successful attainment of their educational goals. An additional feature of their academic advising program is the direct involvement of University faculty as advisors or career mentors.