University Preparatory High School (UPHS)

UPHS is a joint program between Flour Bluff ISD and Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi University

The University Preparatory High School (UPHS) is a very unique early college high school program.   Typically early college high school classes are taught on a high school campus and/or are taught by high school teachers.  However, that is not the case in the UPHS program.  In the UPHS program, college coursework is taught on the TAMU-CC campus by TAMU-CC professors and the high school students are placed in the actual college classes with traditional college students. 

For the UPHS program, a cohort of approximately 120 students is selected each year via an application/interview process for the program.  Once a student has been accepted into the UPHS program, the student will complete an application for Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  A student can begin taking classes on the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi campus after they have been accepted into TAMU-CC.  Schedules are individualized depending on the student’s availability, choice of college major and high school graduation requirements.  Many students take part in high school activities and varsity sports at the high school while attending college. 

The students in the UPHS program remain anonymous on the campus; they are put into college classes with traditional students and the professors are not aware they are high school students.  This ensures that they receive the same treatment as all of our college students.  We do not place more than 10 – 12 high school students in any college course and typically there are only 3 or 4 high school students in any given college course.  The classes the high school students are placed in are the college courses we offer to all of our college students and the high school students are placed in to the classes anonymously.  Our goal is to ensure that the high school students receive the same college experience, coursework, and services that all of our college students receive.  The high school students do not get any type of special treatment; this is done deliberately to ensure the quality of the coursework and experience.

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi is a four year university offering over 80 degrees including Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees.  Approximately 90% of our faculty hold the highest degree in their field.  The coursework is rigorous and expectations are high for all of our students, including our early college high school students.  You can learn more about TAMU-CC here.

For more information about the UPHS program, please feel free to contact Dr. Rachel Kirk at rachel.kirk@tamucc.edu.